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KRSA initiative to save kings misleading

November 29th, 2013 | Posted by Alaska Salmon Alliance in Articles

By Frank Mullen

The Kenai River Sportfishing Association is currently pursuing an aggressive campaign to “Save our Kenai Kings.” Perhaps you have heard their radio ads or seen their networking on social media.  KRSA is using an interesting deception here.  They seek to drive people to their website so that they can sign up to “Save our Kenai Kings.” But, when you get to the website, you are funneled into sending the Board of Fish your comments in support of KRSA’s favorite board proposals.

Interestingly enough, the board proposals you may support for the purpose of “Saving our Kenai Kings” will actually serve to “Save our Kenai River Guides” rather than the stressed kings. The proposals do nothing to address habitat issues in the Kenai River, which are critical to resolving the king problem.

I believe that the KRSA attempt to “Save our Kings” is a calculated distraction from the “big truths”, because the following are not mentioned in their deceptive appeal to “Save our Kings”:

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