Working for Alaska's Salmon Future Today

What We Do

The Alaska Salmon Alliance (ASA), is a 501(c)6 fisheries trade organization representing seafood processors and commercial fishermen of the Kenai Peninsula.  In 2011 we joined together with the goal of preserving long-term opportunities, not just for ourselves, but for all user groups dependent on the salmon stocks of Cook Inlet in Southcentral Alaska.

The Alaska Salmon Alliance promotes science-based salmon management and believes in inclusive fisheries for all user groups.  To support that belief, we have a four-fold mission:

ASA strives to be a clearing house for timely and accurate information for the benefit of all salmon industry participants.  We plan to provide educational opportunities to the public about Cook Inlet salmon issues, ecosystems, and culture through the following venues:

  • The Alaska Salmon Alliance website
    We provide a variety of salmon-relevant articles and papers on our website, filed under articles.  Our goal is to provide readers with ample opportunity to explore all perspectives regarding Cook Inlet salmon fisheries, have access to relevant, timely, and accurate information (such as papers), and current opinion (such as op-eds), and link to other sources of information so readers may inform themselves about salmon issues.
  • Public Presentations and Panels
    The Alaska Salmon Alliance looks for opportunities to present testimony, give comments, participate in panels, or present to public forums as a part of our education and outreach.

The ASA works with policy makers to educate them about salmon issues as they develop salmon management policies. We work hard to provide accurate information regarding the many attributes of the salmon industry in Cook Inlet, including economic and social benefits.

  • ASA wants to establish itself as a credible source of objective and accurate information on salmon industry wide issues for policy makers.
  • We will be active at Alaska Board of Fisheries meetings, sponsoring and publishing reports, and supporting the efforts of other groups to provide accurate, science-based information to the general public.

The ASA supports research into salmon management practices to make sure proper salmon management measures are implemented.

  • Some of our research priorities include salmon habitat, comprehensive understanding of the Kenai Peninsula’s fishery-based economic system, marine and freshwater conservation concerns, and the affects of conflict on sustainability.
  • We recognize that many science-based efforts are already underway to improve our knowledge of salmon.  We believe in supporting objective efforts to improve salmon sustainability through funding and collaborative efforts.

The ASA collaborates with other Cook Inlet specific organizations (i.e. harvesters, biologists, habitat NGO’s) to leverage opportunities to build long term salmon returns.  We believe that partnerships are key to building collaborative, community-based salmon advocacy.  You can see a full list of our partnerships here.

  • We partner with other organizations across the Cook Inlet watershed, not just on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • We think it is important to operate in a transparent, honest manner and partner with others who share that view.
  • We are developing a structure where other processors and harvesters may support the ASA’s efforts.